10 Bridal shops too many...

You are Engaged!!!!!!!!! It is so exciting, and you just can't wait to get started with all the Wedding planning. Here's a few tips on how many Bridal appointments to book and why.

Bridal has changed so much in the last 10-15 years. There are not only far more shops in condensed areas than before, but the entire dynamic of shopping in general has changed too. The ease and accessibility to fast ordering of products is at your fingertips with the phone you carry in your purse. The biggest reason I bring this up?? This type of shopping does NOT transfer into Bridal. It is just too important of a purchase to trust to the internet or not be able to try dresses on first. Brides often want the experience of going into the stores, feeling the fabric, seeing where everything falls on your body, getting the right size and so on. How can that compare to the 300 dresses you just saved on Pinterest?? Well, it can't. Trying on 300 gowns would ruin your experience. You just have to trust that Bridal shops know what they are doing.

You can bet that if a shop has been in business for a while, they will know the current trends, styles and silhouettes. It is likely you will find many similar dresses in each store even if they carry different designers. What if you find a favorite? Can you buy that dress even if it is at the first store? So, the first thought to consider there is, "Am I going to more stores just so I can find more of essentially the same dress?" We find that most girls with a favorite will show us a picture of that dress and want us to recreate it. Why, if it already exists? Please don't misunderstand. We aren't complaining about a chance to find you a gown. Just simply trying to help you through your own fight or flight response that tries to talk you out of big decisions. Why go store to store making them each work hard to find the same gown? On the other hand, is it missing something and THAT is why you didn't get it? Well then, that is different isn't it?

When is it too many stores though? We might be biased, but if you have your moment in a gown and LOVE it, there is no reason to continue to other stores. Even if we were going to be your next appointment. If you fully knew it, it is ok to let your next appointments know that you found your gown and won't be coming in. Statistically, most girls will find their dress at the first store. It will not come as a surprise to any shop that you call.

If you just HAVE to go to multiple places, here is what we recommend in scheduling. First, you want this to be a great experience. A memorable and positive Bridal experience can make all the difference in this process. Look up stores in your area. First look at reviews. Anything less than 4 stars is lacking somewhere. If it is 4-5 stars then check out their website to see if they have styles that appeal to you. See if their structure (such as ordering time frames, modesty options and prices) is conducive to your needs. Now the hard part. CHOOSE 3!! Only 3. If for some crazy reason you don't find at least one favorite in 3 (which would totally shock me), then you can always schedule more. It is likely that if you need more than that you are simply over complicating this process. Don't do that to yourself. It kills the fun!

As always, we want you to find your dream dress AND to have a great time doing it! So do a little homework before you start, be open minded and willing to find it once you start, and stop shopping once you do. Nothing will compare to it unless you keep shopping and keep finding more and more pretty dresses to confuse yourself with. Be easy on yourself. You have lots of planning to do.

~XoXo~ Malmrose Bridal

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