A Realistic Budget for your Dream Gown

A Realistic Budget for your Dream Gown

A Realistic Budget for your Dream Gown. Mobile Image

How much does your dream gown really cost? Go from Pinterest to purchasing.


About 99% of the brides that walk through our doors have a vision in their mind of the type of gown they are dreaming about.  Most will have pictures or Pinterest boards.  We excitedly review the pictures and talk about the most important features.  Sleeves or no sleeves?  Lace or no lace?  Sparkle?  How much sparkle?  Most are dreaming about an elaborate gown in one way or another.  Many show us gorgeous gowns like these below covered in exquisite hand tacked lace, fully embellished with elaborate hand beading, or simple but high end materials such as Meghan Markle's wedding gown.  Then comes the question.  This is a very important question, and not for the reason you might think.


"How much are you planning on investing in your gown?


Most brides will have everything dreamed out in their minds before realizing what their budget might buy them.  I would like to bring to light some details about the wedding industry that might not be common knowledge to the everyday bride.  My hope is to give you the knowledge you need to properly prepare for the gown of your dreams.  <3


  1. Did you know that every gown has around 80 hours of handwork put into it?  In fact, it takes an entire team of designers, pattern-makers, and seamstresses to bring each and every dress to life.  Machines only go so far in the proper construction of a well-made wedding gown.

  2. You want a unique gown right?  For this reason, wedding gowns are manufactured differently than any other retail or clothing item.  They are not made in bulk.  They are most often only made to order with little or no stock on hand.  It is not profitable for a designer to over-stock wedding gowns.

  3. Do you see that amazing lace and beading?  Every bit of it was hand placed so it would fit the gown just perfect for you.  Countless hours of experience went into being able to make your gown look like this.  Isn't that amazing?!  Beading that is well done will NOT be crochet.   Low-priced bead gowns will be very likely to have crochet beading which can unravel.  Low-priced lace gowns likely have low-end lace


This video is showing our amazing designer Belfaso as they create a gown.  From the sketching to the finishing touches, we hope you enjoy experiencing the work that goes into these pieces of art. Text continues below.



As you can see, a well-made gown is well worth the investment!  It goes along with the old saying, "You get what you pay for".  So what is realistic?  It depends on several factors.  Here are some things to consider.


  1. How embellished, is it?  (Lot's of beading or lace applique adds to the hand hours.)
  2. How many layers of fabric are there?  (The more fabric, the higher the investment and hand hours.)

  3. How long is the train?  (This adds to the cost of materials and hand hours.)

  4. What kind of lace is on it?  (Certain laces are worth more than others as they are harder to make.)

  5. What type of fabric is it made of?  (High-end fabrics are expensive and well worth it for the quality!  Keep in mind that a dress looking simple does not mean inexpensive.  Meghan Markle's dress was reportedly $135,000.  Don't worry though.  We don't carry anything nearly that high :).)

  6. Is the gown constructed well with boning or inner structure?  (Structured gowns require highly skilled seamstresses.)

  7. Who is the designer?  (Designers that are well known and have made a name for themselves will often be more expensive.)

  8. Where was the gown made?  (There are low-end factories and high-end factories.  It is important to us to know that our gowns are made in fair working environments with NO tolerance for child labor or poor working conditions.  We work with designers who share in our belief that the seamstresses of these gowns should be fairly compensated.)


At Malmrose Bridal we carry gowns from $799 to $3000.  The list above should help you to determine how much work must go into the gown you are dreaming about.  When creating a budget for your gown, take into consideration what is most important to you.  If saving money is your absolute most important factor, then adjust accordingly.  If your dream gown is something you can't let go of, then it is worth saving for and worth investing in!  Because it is an investment.  You are buying a unique piece of art that many people put their hearts into creating just for the perfect bride.  Just for YOU! 


I hope this is helpful to you as you prepare, search for your dream gown and understand why wedding gowns cost what they do. 


Many Blessings to you and yours!


‚Äč~Malmrose Bridal