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This amazing Designer is based out of Russia.  We carefully searched for an eye catching, unique, professional Designer with exceptional quality.  Belfaso is made of the finest materials available.  Their gowns are created with natural fabrics, elaborately embroidered by hand and feature exceptional comfort and lightness.  Creation of exclusive models from a sketch to the finished product. They employ about 70 people: designers, constructors, tailor’s cutters, tailors, finishers and many other professionals who love what they do.  There are new technologies in working with fabrics and cutting which are present only in BELFASO dresses, so naturally these gowns are made in house.  The designs are so unique that they often set the upcoming trends.  This is one of the many reasons we selected these amazing gowns.  Be ahead of the trend and wear it first.  We are exclusively the only Bridal Shop to carry this Designer here in the United States.

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