Tips For Our Brides

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Tip #1: Limit your bridal party to 2-3 guests whose opinions you most value, and whose support you most need. If you need to bring additional guests, please contact the shop to see if we can accommodate your larger party for a fee of $50 per additional guest, or book you a personal VIP Bridal Suite! Avoid bringing children if possible, or ensure they can patiently sit still throughout the 90 minute appointment. This will ensure you have the peaceful, beautiful bridal experience you deserve!

Tip #2: Wear comfortable clothing that you can easily slip on and off to make your appointment more smooth. We will provide shapewear and a strapless corset, so don't worry about what kind of bra or shapewear to wear, but please ensure you wear undergarments.

Tip #3: We have white carpet in our showroom, and to protect the space and our gorgeous gowns, we have all guests remove their shoes and hang out in socks. Wear shoes that are easy to remove and put back on, and please bring socks. But don't worry if someone in your party forgets, we will provide clean socks to borrow for the appointment!

Tip #4: Prepare yourself for your appointment! Please be showered, wear clean undergarments, and have good personal hygiene. You will be in the dressing room with your Consultant, and maintaining good personal hygiene will ensure a more pleasant experience for you and your Bridal Consultant, and also help to keep our gowns clean and pristine for all our brides! Plus, you'll feel more confident in the gowns when you have good hygiene!

Tip #5: Avoid using self-tanners, bright lipstick that can rub off, and heavy makeup. These things can stain wedding gowns and cause damage that could interfere with your ability to purchase that gown.

Tip #6: Your Malmrose Bridal experience will be like no other! You will work directly with a personal Bridal Consultant to find your dream dress, and your Consultant will work hard to find the dress you want to walk down the aisle in! Please take your appointment seriously and come prepared to say yes to the gown of your dreams and purchase your gown so you can check it off of your wedding "to-do" list!

Tip #7: Limit how many bridal shops you attend. Bridal shopping is unlike any other type of shopping. It's very emotional, and going to too many shops will actually confuse and frustrate your bridal experience. One to three shops will be best, but we hope to make it one and done so you don't have to stress or waste time! Let's get your gown!

Tip #8: Let go of your "what ifs" and let yourself fall in love with your dress! It's impossible to try on every dress in the world, so we will help you find YOUR gown that you feel beautiful and strong in! Your job is to let yourself FALL IN LOVE!! ♥♥♥