A Study in Sleeves

A Study in Sleeves

To sleeve or not to sleeve? A sleeve can add a lot of personality and dimension to a wedding gown. Sleeves are also a great way to customize a dress and make it your own, as they are often a simple thing to add or alter. There’s a whole world of sleeves out there, and they can all add a totally different vibe to a dress. Here’s a list of some of the sleeves you’ll come across on your wedding dress journey.


Bell Sleeve

A bell sleeve is fitted down to the elbow, then flares out to a wide opening, like a bell! Bell sleeves add a dramatic flair to a gown. Historically, bell sleeves were popular in medieval fashion. A lacey bell sleeve is a great option for a boho bride.





A Bishop sleeve is a wide sleeve, which starts more fitted at the top and widens as it goes towards the wrist, where it is cuffed with a button or elastic. Bishop sleeves are often made with chiffon or netting. They could be a great choice for someone wanting long sleeves but is having a summer wedding, as they are generally light and airy. Bishop sleeves are a classic look, but they have been making a comeback in a major way, particularly in the bridal world.


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Cap Sleeve

A cap sleeve is a sleeve that covers a small part of the top of the shoulder and upper arm. Cap sleeves are a great choice for a modest bride who wants to stay covered, without the sleeve stealing the show.




Flutter Sleeve

A flutter sleeve is a shorter, flowy sleeve. Flutter sleeves give a very sweet, feminine look and are great for warmer weather. Many modest brides utilize flutter sleeves to cover their upper arms while still keeping a shorter sleeve. They will often be made with lace or chiffon.




Puff sleeve

A Puff sleeve is pretty much what it sounds like, a puff! A puff sleeve is a short sleeve that is gathered at the cuff and much fuller in the middle. Puff sleeves can make a dress have a fantasy feeling. They have a very youthful, whimsical look and are a great way to make a bold statement.



Illusion sleeve

An illusion sleeve is generally a fitted nude mesh sleeve, with lace applique or beading overlayed on top, giving the illusion that the detail is on the skin. An illusion sleeve gives a romantic look to a wedding dress. It gives sheer coverage and would be a good option for a long sleeve in warmer weather.