A Venue That Fits Your Theme

A Venue That Fits Your Theme


Photo byMatthew Essman onUnsplash


When planning a wedding, there are SO many factors that go into it. Your color palette, theme, and decor have to all complement each other and the location, venue, and the features of the venue. Having synchronicity with all of these makes a wedding successful! Because one of the first steps of wedding planning is choosing a venue, it’s vital that you make sure it fits the theme you envision. You don’t want to have a venue that mismatches the theme! Today, we’re going to talk about a few things to keep in mind when choosing a venue that fits your theme. 


1. Defining The Theme


Your wedding theme should be inspired by the venue, and it should be personal and stylish! And there are plenty of theme ideas to explore if you’re unsure of what direction to go in. Here’s a few potential ideas that are popular among brides right now:


Bridgerton theme


Farm Fresh



Sunflower theme


Winter Wonderland


Christmas theme

Boho chic



There truly are so many possibilities! And nailing down which of these you prefer can help dictate what type of venue to search for. For instance, you might not want to host a boho chic wedding in a giant ballroom, or a Western theme on a beach. Of course, there really are no exact rules here, but it’s helpful to make sure the two complement each other! It makes decorating infinitely easier. 



2. Time of the Wedding and Reception


In order for the venue and wedding theme to be in sync, the time and day of the wedding and reception are extremely important. It is important to choose a venue and décor according to the time of day! Certain types of decorations can make a bigger impact in the evening, like string lights and candles, while others can look perfect for a daytime wedding. 



3. Color Palette


Check out your wedding venue and note what colors you need to work with based on the time of the celebration. You should pick colors that go with the space for your wedding. Therefore, you should choose shades that blend well or contrast nicely! If you're having an outdoor wedding, the colors should complement the surroundings.



4. Take Advantage of Venue Features


Make your theme or decorations work with the venue's elements! You should highlight the features you like most about each wedding venue. There are some venues that look festive with just a few touches, and others that need more enhancements and additions to look completely different. Don't start decorating until you've explored all your options!


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