After the Happy Ever After: What to do with your gown after the wedding

After the Happy Ever After: What to do with your gown after the wedding

After the Happy Ever After: What to do with your gown after the wedding. Mobile Image

After months or years of planning your dream wedding, have you thought about what comes after the wedding day? How do you keep your gorgeous gown clean and safe and not ruin your investment? We have the answer! Bring your gown back to us after the wedding and we will get you set up with a gown preservation! 

What is gown preservation? Great question! The preservation process involves gently cleaning the entire gown, then sealing it into a display box. This box has a window on the front that you will still be able to see your gorgeous gown through, but it protects from yellowing with age or any further damage, and seals your gown for 100 years! ...Or until you decide to pass it along as an heirloom, whichever comes first. This means your gown will stay in the pristine condition it deserves! 

What can be preserved? Of course we'll send your gown in, but if there are other items from your wedding day you would like to preserve and keep in pristine condition as well, you can send in up to five items to be sealed! This can include your veil or hairpiece, garter, ring pillow, wedding purse, gloves, jacket, handkerchief, etc. You can preserve your entire wedding look!

What comes with the preservation? You will receive your gown and items back in a white gloss-finished preservation chest, complete with a 100 Year Guarantee Certificate and an official $1000 declared value to maintain your gown's value!

Are there any other options? There is an upgraded option, which comes with a Silver Preservation Chest, hand pressing on the gown, and a $2000 declared value instead. You also have the option to add a personalized photo to your chest of you in your dress on your wedding day, to make the display piece even more special!

How do I get my gown preserved? Easy! Bring it to the experts here at Malmrose Bridal, and we will have the gown sent out to be preserved. It's just that easy! 

Come to Malmrose and we will take care of you from proposal to preservation and everything in between!