Bridal Menswear: Purchase vs Rental

Bridal Menswear: Purchase vs Rental

Bridal Menswear: Purchase vs Rental. Mobile Image

Why should your Groom consider purchasing his wedding suit instead of renting? There are so many benefits for men for their purchase! Let's go over a few!

The biggest benefit for men with purchasing is that they get to reuse their suit! Whether they wear the whole look again, or individual pieces, they get to mix and match for every formal event in the future! Combinations of the pants and vest, shirt and tie, and even the jacket with a pair of jeans will all help your future husband look classy at every dinner, event, wedding, etc! You're creating a look he'll get to carry with him for years to come!

Another benefit of purchasing over renting is that you can have the suit tailored exactly to your Groom's body type! Rentals can't be tailored and, while they can still look very nice, won't fit your groom the way he deserves on his big day! Your wedding gown will be altered exactly to your body, and you want your groom looking just as sharp! 

Brides get to have an amazing bridal experience with choosing and committing to their gowns. Grooms should get the same treatment! Choosing your wedding look is a big part of the journey down the aisle, and including your groom in that experience will help him feel prepared for the next big step! 

Just like you, as the bride, can hand your wedding gown down to your own daughters and granddaughters someday, a wedding suit can also be preserved and handed down for the next generation to enjoy! Even the smaller pieces, such as the cufflinks and pocket square, are heirlooms to cherish and make a special connection!

There are many benefits to purchasing your Groom's suit, so come see our Menswear experts here at Malmrose Bridal for your free consultation today!