Busting Wedding Dress Shopping Myths

Busting Wedding Dress Shopping Myths

It's hard to find 'The One' (wedding dress) when there are so many misconceptions about it. We're pulling back the curtain today to reveal what's real and what's not!


Is crying necessary to know I've found the right dress? Is there a certain number of dresses I should look at before I choose one? Here are seven myths about shopping for a wedding dress that we'll bust!


Myth: You can buy a dress that doesn't need alterations 


Every dress needs some type of alteration in order to fit properly. A wedding gown is typically based on a generic model, so it's important to have alterations done so that it fits your body perfectly. From hem lifts to shoulder lifts or whether it needs to be taken in or out, there’s going to be something you need altered!


Myth: You need to go to every store, and every appointment that the bride or bride's party makes.


Truth: We recommend 3 stores MAX. You can make all the appointments you want, but if you think, feel and believe that you have found your dress, STOP SHOPPING. The more stores you go to, the more confused and overwhelmed you may feel! Less really is more when it comes to wedding dress shopping.


Myth: You need to go home and think about it.


Truth: You are at the peak of all the exciting feelings when you are in the dress. You’re MUCH more likely to talk yourself out of the "yes, this is my dress" feeling when you have left the store. Also, when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress, you never know what’s going to be available after a few weeks or even days go by! So once you find the gown you love, go for it! 


Myth: You have to cry to know that you have found your dress. 


Truth: Everyone reacts differently! Our binge-watching of Say Yes to the Dress shows us tears are an essential part of the process. Nevertheless, not every bride needs to cry when she knows her dress is "the one." It can be her mom, a close friend, or her sister who starts crying first. Having found the dress of your dreams, you feel confident and beautiful, and you can't wait for your fiancé to see you in it for the first time. Don’t feel like it’s a bad sign if you aren’t tearing up! 


Myth: Every bridal store has stock dresses. 


Truth: In most cases, if the bride's timeline is far enough in advance, the store will order the dress in for you so it is brand new. This is something to be aware of, as ordering a gown can take anywhere from 6-8 months. That being said, if a bride's timeline does not allow for a dress to be ordered, most places will sell the floor sample. 


Myth: You can find a gown for under $1000


Truth: Because of inflation, the prices for gowns have gone up drastically. It is much harder to find a detailed gown (lace and beading) that is priced under $1200. While there are gowns at lower prices, the options are just fewer. To see how their gowns are priced, we recommend researching the websites of the places you wish to visit. 


Myth: You have to bring your entire bridal party to your appointments.


Truth: You can bring whoever you want! We recommend that you bring the people that are most important to you! It is a monumental chapter in your life that you are choosing a dress for, and you want your closest friends and family by your side. We have seen the "burn out" look way too often when you bring too many people. We typically encourage smaller groups of 2-3. 


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