Customizing Your Wedding Gown

Customizing Your Wedding Gown

It’s finally time to choose your wedding gown, the day you’ve been dreaming about for a lifetime! You've probably been thinking about this idea for years if you're like many hopeless romantics. It might be difficult, however, to find the dress of your dreams. Choosing the right silhouette is important (and a great place to start), but it's the minor details that make a dress uniquely yours.

Take a moment to think about your personality before selecting the details in a dress. An exuberant, bubbly personality may need extra lace and beading, while someone who is quiet or conservative will prefer something more elegant and simple.

If you’re interested in customizing your wedding gown, here are some simple ways that any bridal gown can be made your own! 


Ironically, some brides decide to choose a strapless wedding dress despite having a vision of lace sleeves. We often end up falling in love with a completely different style than what we imagined the moment we walked into a boutique. There are endless options when it comes to strapless dresses.



If your wedding is in the fall or winter, or if you are a modest bride, wear a long sleeve or three-quarter sleeve. If you want maximum coverage, you can go forsolid fabrics or minimal coverage with sexy lace. Try any of the following for a spring or summer wedding:

It is universally flattering to wear an off-the-shoulder top. Sleeves can be very subtle and add a touch of elegance and femininity depending on how they fall.

Strapless gowns look amazing on ladies with hourglass figures, while halter gowns are great for showcasing shoulders. 

In addition to looking beautiful on any body type, a cap sleeve provides just enough coverage to ensure you are comfortable on the big day.



It's great to replace imitation straps with spaghetti straps, as they're minimally covered and still add support, so you don't have to worry about pulling up your dress.


It is as easy as 1, 2, 3 to customize the décolletage of a gown, depending on its structure. A straight neckline could be changed to a sweetheart neckline, for instance! Making adjustments to the neckline can truly change the entire vibe of the dress and can ensure that all the aspects you love of the gown you choose will remain intact. 


A bustle is usually created with buttons flowing from the top of the gown to the train, which creates exceptional detail and practicality. After your ceremony, bustling your gown makes it easy for you to move around without worrying about stepping on it.

It is easy to add buttons if they outline a zipper since they can add exquisite design. In addition to replacing the buttons on your dress, you can also choose another style if you don't like the ones that come with it!


In choosing a wedding dress, we all have a vision, but it's the small details like beading that bring these visions to life. You either fall into the "more is more" or "less is more" category when it comes to beading.



A simple beaded belt will add just the right amount of glam to a simple design (with little or no beading). Make your gown the focal point by dressing in satin without lace for a gorgeous minimal aesthetic.