Gown Rental vs. Forever Purchase

Gown Rental vs. Forever Purchase

Gown Rental vs. Forever Purchase. Mobile Image

How do I know which option is best for me?


Brides will occasionally come in hoping to rent a gown because they believe it will save them time, energy, and money. So let's discuss a few reasons brides typically want to rent instead of purchase, and learn a bit more about why purchasing a gown would be the best choice for most brides!


Reason #1: I want to save money on a high-quality wedding gown.


Weddings are expensive, and wanting to save money wherever possible makes sense! However, renting a wedding gown is often equal or very close to the purchase price for a gown. Keep in mind that if you are doing Bridal or "first-look" pictures before or after the wedding, you will need to rent the gown two or three times. By the time you have rented the gown multiple times and paid all the cleaning and other fees, you've more than paid for a gown you could keep forever! Also, keep in mind that at least here at Malmrose, the quality of our gowns is very high, and we have gowns to accommodate the majority of budgets!


Reason #2: I'm only going to wear it for a few hours, so why buy one?


People are SO creative with ways they continue to utilize their gowns into their lives! Here are a few suggestions for ways to continue loving your gown long after the wedding:
-Have it preserved in a display box. This is a service we offer at Malmrose Bridal so you have the chance to display your gown in a beautiful preservation box that will truly be a showstopper!
-Heirloom for the next generations. More and more brides are loving the opportunity to wear their mom or grandma's gown and/or veil as a way to connect with and honor their loved one!
-Projects for your loved ones. Taking small amounts of lace or fabric from your gown, you can create beautiful keepsakes for your sons and daughters! Creative brides have used the fabrics to make bracelets, cufflinks, earrings, bouquet wraps, baptism or baby blessing gowns or suits, created a custom veil from mom's lace, or even have a piece sewn inside the wedding dress next to their heart so they are walking down the aisle with their loved one with them.
-Rent your gown out. You can earn back the investment you made into your gown by choosing to rent out your gown to other brides!


Reason #3: I want a gown that is "ready to go", without the need for alterations.


It's understandable to want to put on a dress and have it fit perfectly, but wedding gowns are made to accommodate taller brides as well, and will need to be fitted to your body. The biggest benefit of this is that you get a gown that is completely customized to YOUR body, so you can feel comfortable and confident in your gown and in your own body! Most rental gowns have a lace-up, or corset, back so it can be fitted to multiple brides without alterations, however, the gown won't fit perfectly to your specifications like it would if it was altered to fit you.


There are lots of reasons to purchase your gown, but i think the biggest reason is that this is the most important thing you will ever wear, and getting to keep that for a lifetime is a unique and special gift. Come see us at Malmrose Bridal to take home the dress of your dreams today!