Hiring a Wedding Planner - Is It Right for You?

Hiring a Wedding Planner - Is It Right for You?

Choosing a wedding planner can be a tough decision. You are in good company if you are on the fence. It may be a no-brainer for some couples, but others find it difficult to justify the expense. Considering the cost of a wedding is not cheap, spending a few thousand dollars or more on assistance with the wedding planning process seems excessive.


Professional wedding planners may cost money, but they can also help you save time and stress, which is considered priceless by some. A wedding coordinator can suggest ways to save money, such as renting, and other vendors may even give clients little perks to reduce costs. If you’re still on the fence, here are some reasons why you should probably consider a wedding planner: 

Your job is very demanding


If your job feels more than full-time, you might consider hiring a wedding planner so you don't spend every lunch break and evening planning your wedding. There are many hours spent planning a wedding, and it becomes a part-time job. Since vendors work business hours and are typically unavailable on weekends, hiring a wedding planner is the best way to save your sanity and reduce stress.


Budgeting for your wedding is a challenge


A planner knows how to set a budget and stick to it. Planners understand how much you should spend on a photographer and how much you can spend on alcohol. An experienced wedding planner can work the numbers to ensure that you can include everything you want at a reasonable price.


It is difficult for you to organize and plan


It is important for prospective clients to be realistic about their capacity to plan a wedding, as well as about their strengths and weaknesses. Bring in a pro instead of trying to do it alone and letting things slip through the cracks if spreadsheets and to-do lists aren't your thing. An organized and on-track wedding planner will give you such a confidence boost that the cost will be well worth it.


There is no coordinator at your venue


Several wedding venues, especially all-inclusive spaces, include a coordinator as part of their packages. Venue coordinators can help you select vendors, create a timeline for your wedding day, and much more. They can vary in their roles, so it's important to know what their roles will be up front. Our recommendation is to hire a wedding planner if your venue does not provide a coordinator or if you feel you need more assistance than what the venue coordinator can offer. For backyard weddings, which are basically your own wedding venues, a planner is especially important. 


You're getting married abroad


When planning a destination wedding, it is essential to hire a wedding planner. Not knowing the best wedding vendors, the weather, and local laws can be challenging if you don't live in the town where you are getting married. Your wedding can run smoothly with the help of a local wedding planner.


There are many moving parts involved in your wedding day


You should definitely hire a wedding planner if you plan on bringing in a lot of inventory and decor for your ceremony and reception. Place cards need to be alphabetized and placed on appropriate tables and place settings, decor needs to be moved from ceremony spot to cocktail hour and reception areas, etc. Several vendors are working, from the florist to your caterer to the wedding photographer, and their arrival/departure times, set-up, etc., all need to be coordinated and managed. A couple's special day can also be affected by family dynamics. Couples do not have to worry about divorced parents being near each other or family members needing assistance getting around the property - wedding planners assist with all this, so the couple doesn't have to.


You want your special day to be peaceful & stress-free


During your wedding day, you'll want to enjoy your family, friends, and your spouse. You don't want to worry about last-minute details, or worse, last-minute problems-and entrusting that responsibility to a wedding party member can add to the stress, especially if they don't have experience in the wedding industry. The coordinator, whether it's a full-service or day-of planner, will handle all of your vendors, making your big day stress-free!