It's time...

It's time.... Mobile Image

Now that we have been open for a while and the dust has cleared, I thought it would be a good time to start a Bridal Blog.

Today I'd like to start with the basics.  What are the most important things that we go over with each bride when they enter our store?

Time Frame
In Utah we have a unique market for the Wedding industry.  Close to 50% of our brides have less than 4 months until their wedding from the time they come in for their first appointment.  We have the national record for fast engagements.  That is ok! BUT educating our brides on a realistic amount of time is very important so you can stress less, and still find the dress of your dreams without settling.  As a general rule, many bridal shops are Sample Only.  This means that you pick your gown by trying on a sample, and it is ordered in.  There are some options as far as rush gowns or gowns that are already in stock in order to get gowns faster.  However, it will most often take up to 4 months to receive a gown from the time of purchase.  From the time the gown is received, Alterations are 6-8 weeks out.  This is a standard time frame in this industry.  That's 6 months from the date of purchase. So how do we get around this? We sell right out of our store! We order ahead and do the waiting for you so your dress is ready to go before you even find it.  If you have a short time frame, then this is absolutely going to be your best option.