Narrowing Down Your Perfect Gown

Narrowing Down Your Perfect Gown

Narrowing Down Your Perfect Gown. Mobile Image

Is it time to find your dress, but you aren't sure where to begin?  This is the process we use to narrow down what every bride will love in their perfect dress.  Remember, this should be fun!  Not stressful.  Let us do the work for you <3


1: Be open minded

Have you already been dreaming about a gown?  Have you tried on something like it yet?  Did you like it on yourself?  Do you have your heart set on something, but keep trying on that type of gown without finding "The One"?  Is there any silhouette that you have completely ruled out without even trying it on?  This is important because 95% of the brides who walk through our doors end up with something completely different than what they thought they were going to want.  Many brides are unaware of what silhouette might better flatter their figure and help them to feel confident.  Every bride has one thing that she wants to enhance, and one thing she wants to detract from.  They quickly start talking about these key points in an appointment, and we can be guided on what type of gown will give her what she wants.  Our goal at the end of every appointment is to help her feel beautiful.  That's it.  Being open-minded will help you get there.


2: What is Your Body Type?

Both gowns and women come in all shapes and sizes.  Here is a guide that might help you know which silhouette can fit you best.  It's all about how YOU feel in the gown.  So no rule is set in stone.


APPLE: A-line, Ballgown

CURVY: A-line, Ballgown, Trumpet, Mermaid, Fit & Flare,  Sheath

PEAR: A-line, Ballgown, Trumpet, Mermaid, Fit & Flare,  Sheath

TRIANGLE: A-line, Ballgown, Trumpet, Mermaid

STRAIGHT: A-line, Ballgown, Trumpet, Mermaid, Fit & Flare,  Sheath


3: Fabric & Details

Based on the silhouette you have chosen, you can determine the fabric and details.  

Tight or Flowy?  Soft, Stretchy or Firm?  Beaded or Plain?  Matte or Shiny finish?  Long or short train?  Strapless or Sleeves?  Sweetheart or Boatneck?  Zipper, Buttons, or Corset?

These details are best decided when trying on gowns.  Putting them on will help you to determine what you love.



4: How many Bridal Shops does it take to get to the perfect dress?


There is not a rule on this, however in our experience brides will often find "The One" in the first 5 gowns.  That is UNLESS she just doesn't want the experience to be over yet.  We understand!  This is an exciting time though and so much planning awaits.  Once you choose the gown there will be fittings, accessories, shoes, your reception, food, cake, pictures... you have so much ahead of you.  Picking your gown is only the beginning.  Even if it is with another shop, we highly suggest getting the first gown you fall in love with.  Continuing to look after that is like continuing to date after finding the love of your life.  It will just confuse and stress you out.  ‚ÄčThis should be fun!  

Finding your dress is going to be a very memorable experience.  Make it the best that it can be by being prepared.  We wish you the best in your wedding gown search!