Rental Suits and Tuxedos through Malmrose

Rental Suits and Tuxedos through Malmrose

Hey there, Handsome! Come here often? Well, you’re about to. Let us tell you why. 


Menswear by Malmrose was created to give you a wide variety of options for your special occasion, such as wedding’s, Prom, formal event’s etc. without breaking your budget. If you’ve never rented a suit before and have no idea where to start, let us walk you through the easy 1-2-3 process. 


1. Call us or make an appointment online for a free consultation. We will meet with you to discuss styles, fit, and pricing. We will take all the measurements required and fit you with our sample suits to ensure the best fit to your liking.


If you are unavailable to make it to our shop, all you will need is a quick gander through our Jim’s Formal wear website to look at styles you need and to schedule a digital meeting with us where we can guide you on taking all the required measurements to look sharp as a T. 


2. We will contact you 5-7 days before your event with your suits. At this time you are welcome to make any necessary adjustments on the fit if they are not up to your liking. If this is done, we will have the new and improved items sent overnight to give you time and the best fit possible! Can’t have you looking all baggy and shaggy on such an important time in your life. 


3. Once the event comes to an end, all you will have to do is return all of the rented items to our store location by the following Monday to avoid any late fees. We will take care of the rest and send everything back for you!


Don’t forget to share pictures of your special day with us by emailing them to in your pictures! As much as we love watching the look come together, it’s even more gratifying when we can see it in action! 


Touchless Renting


Do you need to look snazzy for an upcoming event but you don’t live close to a Malmrose location or can’t make it in for other reasons? Enjoy the perks of our touchless renting option!


Create your sleek look on The Build a Tux feature through Jim’s Formal Wear and give us a call to place the order. They have a variety of colors and styles to choose: colorful vests to match your prom date’s dress, classic looks to dress up your wedding party, and even tuxedos for any formal event. A virtual meeting will be scheduled with you to guide you on getting the most accurate measurements and discuss options further. The order will officially be placed 7-3 days before the event to leave you time to try everything on and make sure it all fits just the way you like. If it doesn’t, let us know and we will send out replacements with more accurate measurements. 


After you’ve created memories in those fancy digs, make sure that you double check that all of the items are present and use the return label included in the original shipment so that you can have it returned back to Jim’s Formal Wear by 1-2 days following the event. If the package arrives past the 2nd business day after the event or there are items missing, there could be late fees or charges for any missing items. 


Happy renting!