Support System: Choosing who to bring with you to your bridal appointment!

Support System: Choosing who to bring with you to your bridal appointment!

Support System: Choosing who to bring with you to your bridal appointment!. Mobile Image

Shopping for your wedding gown shouldn't be a stressful or painful experience! Most shops limit how many guests you can bring, so how do you choose who joins you at your appointment? 

Think it through. Who builds you up, has your back, and wants you to feel your best? Sometimes sister, mom, or best friend have a different vision for your wedding than you do, and can try to impose their own wants on your appointment. Make sure you're bringing a support system that will cheer you on, not try to run the show. 

When considering who else to bring, think about who is paying for the dress. If that person wants to be included in the appointment, it's a smart idea to bring them along so you can say yes to your dress without the added stress of figuring out how and when to pay for it. If they can't come, or you would prefer to not have them in the appointment, consider asking them to send you enough for a down payment before the appointment so you don't lose out on your gown! 

How does your bridal gown shopping party handle stress? Can they help you regulate your own concerns without furthering that stress? You should bring people who help you feel calm, relaxed, happy, and excited. 

How do I bring people I want to without other friends or family members feeling left out? Try doing a reveal after the appointment with additional people. Once you've decided on your dress, you can set a follow-up appointment to come in and just "reveal" the dress to friends or family that you didn't want to have, or didn't have room for, in your first appointment. This way, no one feels left out, but you don't end up with opinions or stressors you didn't want when choosing your gown! You can tell them you've already purchased your gown and you're excited for them to see it, and then they can help you choose your veil or accessories so they feel valued and appreciated. Everybody wins! 

The biggest consideration in who to bring is: who do you want to share this experience with, and have this beautiful memory with? If you know that you'll regret not bringing someone, make sure they are included! If you have more guests than a shop allows, call them and see if they have options to pay a bit and rent out the shop for you and your guests so that you don't lose out on sharing this experience with the people you love and value! 

Your bridal shopping experience will be a beautiful one. Include the people you need to to make it perfect for you!