The Best Silhouettes for Your Body Type

The Best Silhouettes for Your Body Type

One of the most frequent questions we get from brides who come into our store is, “what dress shape will look best on my body?” And honestly, it doesn’t matter what body type you have - you should wear the wedding dress that makes you feel most beautiful. You can wear whatever dress silhouette you like! Now, if you’re looking to accentuate certain parts of your body, we can definitely provide you with some guidance in regards to wedding dress silhouettes and what shapes they can offer. No matter what part of your body you'd like to highlight, there's a dress shape designed to highlight it! The following is a breakdown of what each shape can do for your body if you're not sure what to try first: 




Bridal fashion has been dominated by A-line silhouettes for generations, and for good reason! A-lines look great on everyone, so if you can't decide which silhouette to try on, this is it. There is a gentle A-shape flare at the waist that creates a slimming effect on everyone. Petite brides can also look taller with this shape, since the skirt's shape and length make your legs look longer. Almost every bride's style can be accommodated by an A-line wedding dress, and they always look great. 



STYLE #220113


 Fit & Flare


In contrast to full-skirted A-lines and ball gowns, fit and flare dresses have a fitted hip and a skirt that starts mid-thigh. With its fitted bodice and gently flared skirt, this dress highlights your figure. If you love your curvy hips, this dress shape is for you! From boho all-over lace to chic, modern silk, this shape is versatile and looks great. 



STYLE #220266W


Ball Gown


The skirt of a ball gown is much fuller than that of an A-line dress, creating a more dramatic silhouette. In addition to slimming, this design gives the dress more shape on the bottom. Ball gowns are the perfect shape if you want to highlight your torso or add more shape to your hips. In addition, their airy, fluffy skirts often give a beautiful feminine touch to any outfit, creating a floating, princess-like appearance! 



STYLE #220282





Mermaid silhouettes fit through the hips, like fit and flare dresses; the difference between the two silhouettes is slight, but makes a big difference. On a mermaid dress, the skirt starts at the knee instead of flaring midway down the thigh. The skirt of a mermaid dress is often more structured since it goes the same distance outwards on a tighter slope. For brides who want to show off their curves, the mermaid shape adds a bit more drama to the silhouette, just like a fit and flare! 



STYLE #66164



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