The Entourage....

The Entourage....

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In that magical place in the back of a Brides mind, she has an image of who will see her walk out in that perfect gown.  One person will gasp...  Another will tear up... "This is the one!!!!" says another.  Ten other people are cheering you on as you dazzle the room.


Please allow me to be honest about this vision.  It is beautiful!!  I wish this was how it usually played out..  If I can be so bold as to hopefully help you prevent this scenario.  This is more like what I have witnessed on many many occasions.


The bride has a large audience.  It has taken over most of the store.  It's a bit tight everywhere they go.  They have planned an entire day of Bridal Shop hopping where she will try on over 30 gowns.  By her last stop, she is drained and overwhelmed.  Even gowns that she thought she loved have started to blend together and now she can't quite remember them.  Even in the pictures she took.. which one did she like the most??  She is in the changing room with her bridal consult getting into a gown that she is loving!!  Excited, she steps out not making it obvious that this is her favorite.  The comments start.  One person says they don't like it.  Another loves it!  Another comments about the way it fits.  Another on the color vs the dress she tried on three dresses ago because she liked that one better.  More often than not, having this many people creates an atmosphere that she no longer feels like she is in control of her own dream dress, and at that moment she decides not to get her perfect dress because the comments made about it were unforgettable.  Was there anything wrong with this gown??  No.  Even the comments made seemed innocent to those saying them, but now deflated she still doesn't have a gown after a full day of shopping.


A sad story, but true.  Not every scenario will play out exactly like that, but I have seen so many to that degree.  We are often asked why we request 3 or less people in your group.  This is the biggest reason.  Of course, we don't want anybody to feel left out, but the bride is absolutely the person and who's opinion matters the most.  Your dress should embody your most perfect version of yourself in YOUR eyes.  Your gown should make YOU feel the most beautiful you have ever felt.  Not any other person's opinion matters if that is how you feel.


I'll add to this that there may be occasions where you just can't leave anybody out.  We do understand.  For that reason we offer our After Hours Bridal Suite so your group won't be competing with any others for space.  This creates a lighter atmosphere and one on one attention for a better experience when you have a big party.