To Veil or Not to Veil

To Veil or Not to Veil


“Veil or no veil?” is a question that brides everywhere have considered when planning their dream bridal look! A veil used to be a no-brainer decades ago. Across the globe, it's been a tradition for centuries. Despite their undeniable beauty, veils were used for more than just appearances. There's so much to learn about the wedding veil's meaning and history. In religious ceremonies, veils used to symbolize modesty and purity, but now their meaning has changed. Today, veils are seen as modern accessories to help capture each bride's true essence and style!


Veils today have lost much of their symbolism, depending on the culture. Modern American society doesn't even require them to be present at the wedding ceremony. Many brides don't wear a veil at all. Some forgo it for the sake of their budget while others simply want to go for a non-traditional look. 


While veils aren’t a requirement for your wedding day look, we can’t begin to tell you how often our brides will choose to go without a veil, only to come back and say they wish they had worn one! Veils truly do complete your bridal look. And there are so many different options to choose from these days, so you can opt for something less traditional than the veil your great-grandmother wore, for instance. 


And what’s great about veils is that there are so many styles these days! You can go for something larger than life and dramatic for incredible pictures or something a little more dainty and sweet. Either way, they can add a lot of romance to your wedding day look. 


Of course, there are other non-veil options to wear like tiaras, hairvines, flower crowns, floral barrettes, floral hair pins, hats, and more! 


If you’re on the fence about wearing a veil, we encourage you to bring it up with your bridal consultant at your appointment! You can ask to see some examples of veils and try on a few different options to see how it feels. If you ask us, it’s better to find a veil ahead of time that you love rather than end up wishing you had worn one! 



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