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Vibe Check!

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Matching your Gown to your Wedding!


So many factors come into play when choosing your gown. Shape, style, budget, and many other things to consider, however, the most important thing for most brides is to feel confident that the gown you say yes to will fit the feel and atmosphere of your wedding! 

Vibe #1: If you are having an ethereal, whimsical wedding with lots of magic and wonder, you will want to find a gown that makes you feel like the magical fairy you are! You can bring in lots  of lace, light and airy shapes, flowy, feminine details.  


Vibe #2: If you are having a very elegant, classic wedding, consider a more timeless gown that will never go out of style. Clean, sleek lines, pearls, some classy sparkle, and careful structuring will have you feeling that elegance all night long!


Vibe #3: Are we letting our inner princess out for the wedding day? Please say yes! Bring on the ballgown shapes, the basque waists, the SPARKLE, the classic laces, and pretty, pretty please throw in a tiara!! You will be feeling like royalty on your big day! 


Vibe #4: Did someone say elopement? Whether Vegas or somewhere tropical, we have you covered! Find the perfect combination of that "we ran away together" feeling, and still get that "I'm a show-stopper" with more fitted gowns, slits, and since we're already throwing tradition away, let's go with something unique and special! You are a bit of a rebel! Let's show it!


No matter what the vibe of your wedding is, we have you covered at Malmrose! Book your appointment today to meet with our vibe experts!