Why is a Bridal Consultant necessary

Why is a Bridal Consultant necessary

Why is a Bridal Consultant necessary. Mobile Image

Your Bridal Consultant is your expert, your hype woman, your cheerleader, your confidant, your therapist, your stylist, and your best friend! Bridal shops have hundreds of gowns to choose from, and the gowns never look on the hanger the way they will look on your body. It's a Consultant's job to listen carefully to what you like, read between the lines, and maybe even surprise you as they sift through hundreds of gowns to find the ONE that's meant for you!


Your consultant will sit with you and conduct a short interview to get to know you and your style. Always be honest with your consultant! They didn't design the gowns, and you won't hurt their feelings to be honest, and that honesty will really help them find your gown! Trust your consultant. It's their job to help you look and feel your best! They will know how the gown will look on your body shape, with your skin tone, and will be within budget. You will feel comfortable in knowing that you are working with the expert that will help you find your gown!


Do you have questions about your gown? The type of fabric used, the lace detailing, the designer or origin of the gown? Do you want to know what types of alterations are possible? Ask your Consultant! They are constantly learning and preparing to assist brides with all questions they might have!

Most importantly, your consultant is here for YOU! They will laugh with you, cry with you, and cheer for you when you find your gown! You can be confident in your choice because your Bridal Consultant has put in the hard work, has educated you, and made the process smooth and magical for you! Don't be afraid to trust your Consultant, and yourself, when it comes time to say yes to the dress you have fallen in love with!


We can't wait to be your best friends here at Malmrose Bridal! See you soon!