Winter destination weddings: How to travel with your gown

Winter destination weddings: How to travel with your gown

Winter destination weddings: How to travel with your gown. Mobile Image

Are you hoping to escape the snowy weather for your wedding this winter? We've got you covered with all the tips and tricks for travelling with your gown!

First things first, congratulations on your destination wedding! Let's get your gown there in pristine condition! Make sure that your gown is in a breathable garment bag to prevent damage and condensation. There are some airlines, particularly overseas flights, that will allow you to actually hang your wedding gown (and your groom's suit!) in a small closet. However, not every airline will have that option, so we recommend calling them ahead of time to see if they can accommodate hanging your gown on both your flight to your destination, and the flight home. 


If hanging your gown isn't an option, you will want to designate one carry-on sized suitcase specifically for your gown. Keep the gown in its garment bag, fold it gently, and place it in the suitcase. Never pack your gown in a checked bag! Airlines don't handle bags gently, and you never know if it will get lost and not meet you at your destination! Always keep your gown with you and make sure to carry it on. Guard your gown! 


When you arrive, pull your gown out of your suitcase, and try to unzip the garment bag and air the gown out, preferably with the train let down. One of the biggest concerns will be wrinkles in your gown. Most hotels and resorts, particularly ones that host weddings, will have a steamer you can borrow or rent. Steam out any wrinkles so your gown looks its best! If the hotel doesn't have a steamer, you can typically find a laundromat, department store, or even a bridal shop where you can get it steamed or rent a steamer. If you can't find a steamer at all, you can hang the gown in the bathroom while running a hot shower, or even embrace the weather if you're somewhere humid and allow the gown to relax in the humidity! 

After the wedding, make sure you bring the gown home the same way, then bring it back to Malmrose Bridal for a cleaning or preservation to keep your gown pristine!