Love Notes

We love each and every bride who walks into our shop and the relationships we build with them are truly unforgettable. Nothing warms our hearts more than hearing their sides of the experience.


See what they have to say:

Wedding Embrace

Lindsey C.

"I won a bridal suite at the Bridal Show I went to in January of this year and I have to say that my experience here was AMAZING!! The ladies assisting me were super sweet and super helpful and I feel like they were very considerate of my budget and the styles that I said that I wanted to try. I actually ended up getting a dress that is completely different from what I imagined myself wearing and it was over budget, but they did let me know how much every dress cost before they put me in it so that I knew if I loved it, I would go over budget. they always asked me what I liked about the dress before they turned me around and asked my party each individually what they liked about every dress. I tried on 6 dresses in total and I fell in love with number 5! I am so excited to get married in this dress, it's perfect!!! This place is great and they're workers are super sweet, I highly recommend trying them out!!!!!"

Bride and Groom Walking Away

Helen L.

"I attended a bridal suite last night for my granddaughter. The staff were very friendly, patient and knowledgeable and worked together as a team. They worked with her, letting her try on several dresses with different styles to make sure she got the dress that she really wanted.

They have a great assortment of beautiful dresses and she found the one that was perfect for her. It was also well within her budget which was an added bonus. 

It was a memorable evening and I highly recommend Malmrose Bridal."

Rear View of Bride

Chanell W.

"This salon was amazing! I went as the maid of honor for a friend. They were so body inclusive! They carry varying sizes, not just sample sizes. Izzy and Anastasia were amazing consultants and helped make this day absolutely beautiful. Mary, the salon owner, was amazing. They also have a layaway option. It is such an amazing experience, more than either of us expected!"

Bride and Groom on Beach

Kaitlyn G.

"Today I found the dress of my dreams at Malmrose Bridal thanks to the help of my bridal consultant/ expert, Julianne. This was my first experience trying on dresses in a bridal shop, and to be honest I was really overwhelmed at the thought of going. The shop itself is warm, inviting, and just as magical as you would hope. I was there for their annual sale and on a budget, and was so grateful to find that the staff were extremely respectful of my price range without question or comment. They let me look through dresses myself and then pulled some for me as well. Julianne was my bridal consultant and helped me the whole time. She was so friendly and accommodating! She helped me in and out of the dresses and answered the hundred questions I had. She was so complimentary and made me feel as amazing as I had hoped to. I really appreciated that the knew when to step back and let me look/talk to my mom, and knew when to step in and give advice etc. When I found THE DRESS (ok, wow, best feeling ever) she showed me a ton of different options as far as adding straps, veils, accessories, etc which was so helpful. I never for one second felt rushed and this is their busiest sale of the year. I can't believe how kind and excited the entire stage was from the moment I walked in until I walked out. I truly felt like the only bride there, even though I wasn't I really can't think of a single thing that would have made this experience better than it was- I am so grateful this was my first and only stop in dress shopping because it was amazing. thank you Malmrose Bridal, Julianne, and the Malmrose staff for making such a fun part of wedding planning truly magical."

Bridal Bouquet

Mrs. R

"Wow!!! Blown away by the whole experience at Malmrose. Can't recommend it enough. I truly felt like Cinderella from the moment I walked in and was blown away by the bridal suite. My guests and I were treated so well, and the sweetest surprises came throughout the night. One by one my friends and family told me how impressed they were an dhow much fun they had. Anastasia was fabulous (so was Haley!) she put me at ease and brought me the most beautiful dresses that got better and better and until I found the one, she truly has an eye for detail. My dress was 500 dollars less than the budget I asked to stay in and none of friends could believe the cost form the whole evening (neither could I!) I'm so thankful I found Malmrose and wished I had more single friends to do it with all over again and again. Thank you, thank you! It was a dream come true."

Bridal Hair

Menna A.


I met a angel coming from the sky that helped me to find my dream dress and made my dream come true. I am happy that you're the one that helped me that much. I love you Sydney so much. thank you for today!!"

Wedding Ring

Sharay H.

"So very pleased with my experience her! Very personable, and so fun to work with. I tried on dresses at 3 other stores and my experience there was nothing like I had at Malmrose. I highly suggest purchasing your gown from Malmrose!"

Bridesmaid's Bouquets and Wedding Rings

Loni N.

“ Most incredible experiences here!!! I’ve been with 2 brides in the last year who bought their dresses at Malmrose. The gowns are gorgeous and extremely good quality. They have a wide variety of styles, colors, and designs. Also they have so many different sizes in the plus size category. The women who work here are nice, extremely attentive and just awesome! With both brides we knew when they put on the right dress because it brought us to tears. Love, love, love this place!”

Wedding Dress

Kelli S.

“That was the best experience I had at bridal shop. I was assisted by Anastasia and she was absolutely phenomenal!! They have you fill out a questionnaire when you schedule an appointment and I mentioned where I was having my wedding and bridals. She took the time to look up the location and got some great inspiration for what style of dress I was looking for. I was so impressed! She already had few great dresses in mind for me to try on when I got there. They were very attentive, paid attention to my style, preferences, and budget and I loved every second. I didn’t feel pressured whatsoever and I found the perfect dress! They also stock all of their dresses so you don’t have to wait months and months to get it which was perfect for me because I have a very short engagement. Highly recommend to anyone looking for their wedding dress, you won’t be disappointed!”

Bride and Groom

Tami K.

“Today I went bridal shopping with my niece and we had the most amazing experience. Anastasia was our consultant and she has the most fun and outgoing personality imaginable. This experience was the best experience I have ever had shopping for a wedding dress. The consultants were never pushy, never in a hurry, they listened to what the bride wanted and they gave her exactly what she wanted and we came home with a dress. If you are in the market for a wedding dress you need to go to the shop and ask for Anastasia, she will rock your world.”


Lace Sleeve

Kim H.

“ Brides to be and brides that come to pass, we all know that it is exceedingly difficult to find the perfect wedding dress. When you do find the perfect dress, it is a magical moment. I was truly fortunate to experience that magical moment at Malmrose not once but twice. I recently found out my cleaner accidentally destroyed my wedding dress. At first, I was in shock, but to my surprise I didn’t panic even though my wedding was two weeks away! I didn’t panic because I knew that I could find another dress at Malmrose and the talented and friendly staff at Malmrose would be there to work their magic!!! 

Magic did happen with the help of Izzy and Mary. Both Izzy and Mary were like fairy godmothers from a fairytale!! Izzy, my bridal consultant, found another gorgeous wedding dress for me while Mary, the owner of Malmrose, was a tremendous help in coordinating the reimbursement transaction with the cleaner so I didn’t have to.

I would like to express my sincerest heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to Izzy and Mary for helping me create my happily ever after!! I couldn’t have done it without them!

So, brides if you want to find your dream wedding dress for your special day you must visit Malmrose!! You will not find a better selection of gorgeous high-quality dresses than at Malmrose and their staff will provide you with a magical experience that you will never forget.


From the moment I stepped into the dress at Malmrose I knew my dream dress was going to be purchased at Malmrose. I tried on several other dresses at other bridal salons before coming to Malmrose. When I left the other bridal shops, I felt defeated. I left the appointment unsure if I would find a dress that I would madly fall in love with. However, Malmrose came to my rescue. When I tried on their dresses, I could tell there was definitely a huge difference in the quality and the design of the dresses available. I was impressed to hear that some of their dress selection came from several countries around the world. I was also impressed to hear that at Malmrose Bridal consultants take pride in providing a memorable experience for their brides. I experienced this firsthand with my bride consultant Izzy. I appreciated that Izzy was proactive in contacting my prior to my appointment and was very attentive to all my needs during the appointment. Izzy was fun, friendly, honest, and genuine. She was deeply knowledgeable of the dresses that were available and selected the perfect dresses for me. To my surprise the first one she chose for me was ‘the one.’ As a bride you want to feel beautiful and special in your wedding dress, and Malmrose delivered that for me!!! The dress I selected was gorgeous and the service was incredible. Thanks Malmrose for the amazing experience!!! I highly recommend Malmrose for any bride.”


Bride Running in Desert

Chessie O.

“Coming to Malmrose Bridal was my second wedding dress shopping experience. I had gone to Fantasy Bridal on the recommendation of a friend, and it was so disappointing. The consultant wasn’t helpful and or knowledgeable about the gowns, couldn’t offer advice, and was extremely pushy. I left a 90 minute appointment after 45 minutes feeling stressed, disappointed, and discouraged. 

Malmrose Bridal was a complete 180 degree experience. Everyone was so warm and welcoming the minute I came inside the store. My consultants were Krystin and Danae and they were both lovely. They asked all the right questions (I didn’t know what I was doing and was nervous), walked me through the process so I would know what to expect, and made me feel so comfortable. Krystin was so patient and pulled all kinds of dresses for me to try on. She was respectful of my budget and found some incredible deals for me, as well as helped me understand and visualize the possible alterations. I eventually found the one (way under budget!) and she and Danae helped give me ideas on accessories--they were so excited for me and I truly felt that it was genuine. I will be coming back later this week to show my friends and mother my favorites! I don’t feel the need to go anywhere else. 

I am grateful to Malmrose for making my experience so positive. I would recommend them to anyone!”


Lace Wedding Dress

Mara E.

"I couldn't believe the level of customer services at this boutique. This was my daughter's first official shopping session and she loved every minute. The dresses were unique and they had a wide variety of price points. Whitney was our stylist and she was phenomenal. She made my daughter feel beautiful in so many ways... what more could a mom want? We left with a gorgeous dress that made her tear up when she tried it on. It was nothing like what she expected to pick but Whitney helped her reach out of her comfort zone enough to find something she absolutely loved. I can't say enough good things about our experience. I would definitely recommended it to family and friends."