Love Notes

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"I was very apprehensive about wedding dress shopping. Being a plus size bride isn't easy, and the other places I had been to weren't very accommodating. However, from the moment we walked in I was put at ease. Bec was my consultant, and she was FANTASTIC. She asked several questions about the styles I was looking for, as well as how I wanted to feel in a dress. The first dress I tried on made me feel confident, elegant, and comfortable. After that, we just had fun trying on several different styles to make sure I knew what I wanted. All of the consultants in the store worked together, and were all very complimentary and made me feel so beautiful. I ended up buying my dress that day, which only needed some minor alterations. I would absolutely recommend this shop to anyone looking for a dress. Thank you Malmrose Bridal!"

Sarah Bowerman

"The ladies were so nice and my mom found the perfect dress! She even got to say "yes" to the dress"

Sienna Smith

"The store was beautiful, clean and felt like a dream shopping for my dress. I needed my dress modest and temple ready. We were able to make these changes at a reasonable price and give me the best gown I could ask for. The staff was so on top of their game. I definitely recommend checking them out!"

Demi Matheson

"So happy with this place! Izzy was amazing and made me feel so comfortable! She truly listened to me when I described my dream dress and did everything she could to try to find it. She was so positive and made you feel like friends right away. She was creative and fun to work with. Beautiful dresses and a good selections of options. I would definitely recommend this place!"

Elisabeth Hansen

"Sydney at Malmrose Bridal is absolutely wonderful! All of them are super sweet but Sydney helped me both times I went in and she was phenomenal. Trust her. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted and she pulled what I said I wanted but I honestly didn’t know what would look best. The she pulled a style that I never thought I would like but ended up loving - TWICE. She did it this with two different styles and it totally blew me away. She totally knows what you need. On top of that, she was extremely patient with me and really put in the effort to find the right dress for me. It was also a nice plus that she knows some sign language - I’m Deaf and that was extremely helpful to me! Everyone there gets super excited and really makes you feel special when you are trying on dresses. They go the extra mile and it makes a huge difference. They even helped me find a gorgeous veil! If you’re looking for your dress, you don’t even need to think about about going to other stores - they’ve got what you’re looking for here and will take wonderful care of you."

Rachel Ann

"I absolutely loved it here! The atmosphere was warm and inviting, and I instantly felt welcome. I liked how they did a consultation beforehand, and my consultant Izzy really payed attention to what I was looking for and my ideas. We weren’t made to feel bad for having a tight budget, or a short time frame, instead they worked around us. I was treated so nicely the entire time. I was able to try on so many different styles until we eventually found my dress! Even if you don’t find your dress here, I recommend going anyways, as you’ll definitely be able to get help finding your style, or looking at some ideas. You’ll have a great experience either way."

Sarah Kropf

"I booked an appointment here a few days ago and had a wonderful experience! My appointment was with Izzy. She was so kind and so accommodating. She helped me in and out of dresses and grabbed veils and belts and all sorts of fun accoutrements! I would highly recommend booking an appointment here. They had so many plussize options and regular sample size options. The place is bright and clean and beautiful. Just an overall great experience."

Katie Arnold

"Izzy was fabulous! I am not fond of being the center of attention, but she made finding my wedding gown fun. I loved the experience. My mother even joked she was sending everyone from Colorado out to Malmrose Bridal for their dresses. I definitely recommend this bridal shop."

Kaitlyn Natelli